Camilla + Nathan: Blaauwklippen

Assistant: Laura

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Cara | The Mosaic Wedding Company - AMAZING! They are all stunning!

Camilla - Sybrand, you’re a genius! Not only were you a dream on the day (so relaxed and so much fun!) but your talent and careful attention to detail has captured our memories perfectly. We could not have chosen a better or more genuinely likeable photographer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love Camilla and Nathan x

Camilla - PS. MY SHOES!!!! Hooray!!!

nastassja harvey - sjoe dis gorgeous. die een met die dogtertjie en die katjie is vir my ongelooflik, love dit!

Jani B - Die ene met die dogtertjie en die kat wat sy aan sy stert beet het is so precious!

Anthea Smith - Awesome pictures Sybrand! You captured the happy relaxed mood of the wedding & some special moments too!

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