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Marlie & Jean de Villiers’ wedding photos – Paarl

I had the honour to cover the wedding of Marlie and Jean de Villiers in Paarl this weekend. The wedding ceremony was in the Toring Kerk followed by the reception at Kronenburg. Jeannie from Cream Library did an awesome job organizing this spectacular event.

Bernard Bravenboer
Mark Chipps

Flowers: Daisy Floral Art

Couple shoot was at Le Joubert

MJ_0037 copy

MJ_0053 copy

MJ_0079 copy

MJ_0124 copy

MJ_0177 copy

MJ_0266 copy

MJ_0463 copy

MJ_0799 copy

MJ_1043 copy

MJ_1177 copy

MJ_1238 copy

MJ_1276 copy

MJ_1755 copy

MJ_1819 copy

MJ_1871 copy

MJ_1918 copy

MJ_2027 copy

MJ_2454 copy

MJ_2506 copy

MJ_2517 copy

MJ_2558 copy

MJ_2625 copy

MJ_2697 copy

MJ_2921 copy

MJ_2969 copy

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Mark’s photo above

MJ_4927 copy

MJ_5038 copy