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Jacobi + Alex: Beautiful Beach Wedding

This was my last wedding for the season and I was lucky to end it off at my favourite beach venue with some gorgeous light and a super cool couple. A huge big thank you for everyone who supported me during the last 10 odd months and especially to the wonderful couples who trusted me to document their big day…

In two weeks time I’ll be heading off into the African bush for an epic adventure with the res of the 200 odd crazy people taking part in The Put Foot Rally. Please consider by making a donation helping me and my buddy Mark (aka Team Plan B) raise money for the two official Put Foot charities. Each person who makes a donation will receive a beautiful fine art print from our travels.

I’m very excited to announce that soon after my return I’ll be moving to a new home in Gordon’s Bay on my (mini) farm where I hope to have stunning daylight studio running before the end of the year.

Assistant: Yolandé
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