Cindy + Justin: The Ranch, Limpopo Province

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‘Next day’ shoot…

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Lauren Kriedemann - wow Sybrand, white lions….beautiful

Marc - Nicely done bru!!! AWESOME!!!!!

Martmeri roos - WOW WOW WOW! Die foto’s lyk stunning! Baie special Sybrand!

adene - Ongeloooooflik mooi!!

Tersia Smit - Wow, wow, wow!! So gud, so true, so natural and so real!! You did an amazing photo shoot!! I think Cindy will be so happy!! Can’t wait to see them next week. We are meeting them at the airport on Wednesday. Thanks so much Sybrand. Luv what I see so far!!!

Nick - Incredible work, Sybrand.

Stella - These are phenomenal!! But then you always rock 🙂

Megan Hughes - Wowowowowowowowow amazing!!!!!! Incredibly beautiful!!!! I trust this wedding photos will be winning many many awards!!

Annari - absolutely beautiful!! stunning bride, amazingly beautiful venue, and the most fantastic pics!! congrats to the couple (my favourite is the one where the couple walks away and the lion follows – STUNNING!!!!!)

Cindy and Justin - Incredible photos! Thanks for capturing all our special moments in such a breathtakingly beautiful way! We have these stunning memories and photos to last us a lifetime! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest of our pictures and magic! XXX

Thea Jenkins - Ongelooflike fotos, die beste wat ek nog gesien het. Maar seker maklik met so n lieflike bruid soos Cindy en so n pragtige venue.

Debbie Blount - By FAR the BEST & most beautiful wedding pics I have EVER seen!! Well done Sybrand 🙂 Thank you for making their wedding even more memorable!

Kristel - Wow , the pics are really sharp and special. Reaaly captured the mood and theme of the day.

nick - lindos demais!

nastassja harvey - ongelooflik Sybrand!

Willem Foster - Awesome fotos Sybrand, jy’t ‘n baie cool styl van die dag dokumenteer. Die leeus is ook ongelooflik, jy was waarlik gelukkig om so kans te kry en jy het dit goed gebruik. Die eindresultaat is briljant. Knap gedaan, ek voel weereens geïnspireer na ek deur jou fotos geblaai het…

Peter Lambert - Fantastic Work as usual, even without the lions (and they are amazing) your work still wows me ever time.

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