Jean + Keith: St Georges Cathedral, Cape Town

Assistant: André

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Jacques Lloyd - Die Cathedral lig is awesome Sybrand, fantastic fotos soos altyd.

Tracey Shaw - Wow, so regal … lovely work !

Yolandé Marx - Love die foto waar die groom vir sy bruid wag! Hier is baie mood in jou foto’s 🙂

Laura - Awesome, absolutely LOVE the group photo of the girls with the groom on the ground, epic! 🙂

Emma - Haha – ‘the wedding plank’ CLASSIC! Beautiful photos as always Syrband. Your edits are amazing too 🙂

Du Wayne Denton - Sybrand, incredible work! Some really kick ass compositions and mood shots captured at this wedding!

mark engelbrecht - Really lovely….!

Peta - Stunning Sybrand…loved all of it…but hey the PLANK killed me over! wel gedaan !!!

Adene - Stunning photojournalistic work! Net beautiful fotos, soos gewoonlik!

Eugene - stunning images and great work!

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