Lindsay + Mike : Strandkombuis

Assistant: Lisa

LM_0036 copyLM_0059 copyLM_0061 copyLM_0177 copyLM_0295 copyLM_0326 copyLM_0364 copyLM_0441 copyLM_0471 copyLM_0539 copyLM_0602 copyLM_0625 copyLM_1018 copyLM_1075 copyLM_1346 copyLM_1385 copyLM_1463 copyLM_1505 copyLM_1667 copyLM_1829 copyLM_1884 copyLM_1938 copyLM_2016 copyLM_2071 copyLM_2144 copyLM_2211 copyLM_2553 copyLM_2685 copyLM_2824 copy

Marc Dryden-Schofield - AWESOME WORK!!!!

Grethe Rosseaux - ONGELOOFLIKE werk! 😀

Sharon - Even though I am aware of how you get some of the lighting effects, I remain in awe of your work!

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