Megan + Darryl – New Years Eve Wedding

What a wonderful way to end off the year! At my absolute favourite venue with this madly in love, can’t stop smiling, ridiculously cool couple.

Assistant: Kathryn


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Amanda - These are amazing!

neil - Freakin awesome!

Etienne - Most beautiful wedding ever!

Debbie - Unbelieveably beautiful!

samantha - absolutely stunning photos

Annie - WOW!!!! These are absolutely stunning!!!

Christa Frost - Beautifull people used for this – where were the real ones?
No more words left to describe the exquisiteness!

Dawne - Most Amazing, which shows you the gentle whisper of love, that will bind them forever.

the Greg - What an experience… it was unforgettable and it was so awesome to have shared the occasion with you at this magnificent venue… xx

Penny Brill - Breathtaking

Mignon - WOW WOW WOW! You guys are just too gorgeous! Stunning pics, got goosebumps all the way through! Congrats guys again, it was an amazing day , and we are happy that we were able to share this beautiful day with you! xxx

Megan Blackie - Thanks for all the lovely comments guys. And thanks Sybrand for the most glorious pics and for capturing the moment X

Frankie Harvey - These pics are Absolutely Stunning . Wow!
The wedding was such fun.

Kirsty and Will - Magical

Kerrie - What amazing pics, you both look spectacular! We were so sad we couldn’t be there, but the pictures say it all. It looks like it was a magical day. Congrats to you both XXX

Kathy - The pics are so stunning! WOW! The wedding was amazing……

pam samuels - Thank -you for forwarding these pics. I loved looking at them . What a beautiful wedding !!!! What wonderful photography. !!!!

Roxy E - Absolutely gorgeous! Every single one of the shots!

Eileen - AWESOME imagery – can’t wait to learn from you at the One light Workshop… 🙂 Really stunning.

Steph - Amazing photos, this is exactly what I’m looking for! Could you tell me the venue please??

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